Leadership & Collective Impact: Cultivating Tensions

People who take on leadership roles in Collective Impact get to actively cultivate tensions that most reasonable people prefer to avoid. Tetchy. Tensions. Paradox is inherent to Collective Impact work. You have to love the inevitable tensions (at least some of the time) or Collective Impact probably isn’t for you. Here are five we can all… Read More

Evaluation & Measurement Services

I offer several types of evaluation and measurement services: Program Evaluation; Development of shared measurement systems for cross-sector collaborations; Creation of Performance Measurement Systems for learning and accountability; and Developmental Evaluation for new and emergent initiatives; Workshops and training in n=1 experimentation methods. An allied area of focus is personalized experimentation for health and well-being,… Read More

Collective Impact Packages

Collective Impact Learn more about Collective Impact here. I offer support to organizations and communities that want to use a Collective Impact approach to system change. Collective Impact Start-up Package This package enables any group of 15-150 people to learn about Collective Impact and take the first steps as a group. It includes: One or… Read More