Social Impact Bonds: sweeping the planet since 2010

During the time that Social Impact Bonds have been proliferating in 38 countries around the globe, I’ve been captivated by the other big social innovation of the twenty-teens: Collective Impact. Seven years after Social Impact Bonds became the hottest new social finance strategy, I thought it was time to find out what I’ve been missing.… Read More

Collective Impact 3.0: a response

I have a copy of the Collective Impact 3.0 paper by Liz Weaver and Mark Cabaj in my permanent reference file. I have been using Collective Impact principles in my work with communities since 2013 and during that time I have been noticing patterns that repeat over and over again. These patterns are reflected in Collective Impact 3.0.… Read More

Youth Connectedness

I was interviewed for the Victoria Foundation’s 2016 Vital Signs report on the theme of youth belonging and connectedness. The following is an excerpt from that report: As social animals, humans evolved to grow up and live in community. All the evidence points to increasing connectedness for youth as resulting in improved outcomes in all the… Read More

Training in n=1 experimentation methods

An ‘n=1’ is an experiment with one participant. You. N=1 experimentation can be used for healing and enhancing performance, including expanding your physical, cognitive, creative, emotional and spiritual capacities. Workshops & Training in n=1 methods I offer a 2-hour workshop and a 2-day training on personalized (n=1) experimentation methods for healing. Workshops and training are… Read More

Evaluation & Measurement Services

I offer several types of evaluation and measurement services: Program Evaluation; Development of shared measurement systems for cross-sector collaborations; Creation of Performance Measurement Systems for learning and accountability; and Developmental Evaluation for new and emergent initiatives; Workshops and training in n=1 experimentation methods. An allied area of focus is personalized experimentation for health and well-being,… Read More

Collective Impact Packages

Collective Impact Learn more about Collective Impact here. I offer support to organizations and communities that want to use a Collective Impact approach to system change. Collective Impact Start-up Package This package enables any group of 15-150 people to learn about Collective Impact and take the first steps as a group. It includes: One or… Read More