Leadership & Collective Impact: Cultivating Tensions

People who take on leadership roles in Collective Impact get to actively cultivate tensions that most reasonable people prefer to avoid. Tetchy. Tensions. Paradox is inherent to Collective Impact work. You have to love the inevitable tensions (at least some of the time) or Collective Impact probably isn’t for you. Here are five we can all… Read More

My favourite (non-digital) n=1 tracking tools

New tracking apps and devices are available all the time. You can absolutely use these in your n=1, but they are entirely optional. The following is a list of my favourite pen & paper tools for tracking. Sometimes these can be just as effective as the newest gadgets. They can be even more effective if you… Read More

Graphing for Healing

An ‘n=1’ is an experiment with one participant. You. N=1 experimentation methods can be used by individuals for healing and enhancing performance. Personalized Data Many people now have access to unprecedented amounts of data about themselves (thanks, tracking apps!) but most of us aren’t sure how to use it to improve our health. Some people aren’t… Read More

Risk Assessment in n=1 Experimentation

Most change efforts fail. For most people, most of the time. One reason is that we tend to rush from ‘idea’ to ‘action’ without setting ourselves up for success. In addition to helping you to get systematic about learning what works (for you) when it comes to healing, n=1 methods can also help ensure that… Read More

An ‘n=1’ is an experiment with one participant. You.

We each have unique histories, genetic profiles, environments, and patterns of responding. That is why standardized approaches to complex health challenges can have limited effectiveness. Personalized (n=1) experimentation enables you to find the pattern of living that will support your well-being. The n=1 experimentation process has seven steps: Challenge: What is my health goal? Inquire:… Read More

Your own Health Data

Personalized (n=1) experimentation is about learning more about your self. Then using that knowledge to improve your health and well-being. The (free) comprehensive health assessment at Biohack U is designed as a high level measurement tool to help set health goals and track progress over time. Most people will also want to track a few things… Read More

Evaluation & Measurement Services

I offer several types of evaluation and measurement services: Program Evaluation; Development of shared measurement systems for cross-sector collaborations; Creation of Performance Measurement Systems for learning and accountability; and Developmental Evaluation for new and emergent initiatives; Workshops and training in n=1 experimentation methods. An allied area of focus is personalized experimentation for health and well-being,… Read More