My favourite (non-digital) n=1 tracking tools

New tracking apps and devices are available all the time. You can absolutely use these in your n=1, but they are entirely optional.

The following is a list of my favourite pen & paper tools for tracking. Sometimes these can be just as effective as the newest gadgets. They can be even more effective if you prefer tracking in this way.

Overall Well-being

  • Personal Outcome Recovery Measure This is technically for measuring mental health recovery, but it’s one of my favourite all-around well-being measurement tools. At our house we fill these out every 3 months. For fun. For instructions, see the post I wrote about this scale here.
  • EQ-5D Health Questionnaire This Questionnaire is brief, oriented toward people with chronic health conditions, and includes a 0-100 rating for overall health that can be completed quickly, providing a snapshot score that can be compared over time.
  • Daily Activity Questionnaire from the Institute for Functional Medicine.
  • Soulful Habit Tracker from Danielle LaPorte.

Mental Health & Stress


  • Pittsburgh Sleep Quality Index (PSQI): The PSQI is designed to assess sleep over the past month. Therefore, an n=1 of longer than 28 days may be required to get results. Scoring the PSQI can be a little confusing at first, just follow the instructions carefully and all will become clear!


Pain & Symptoms

What are your favourite tracking tools? Tell me all about them in the comments.

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