Training in n=1 experimentation methods

An ‘n=1’ is an experiment with one participant. You.

N=1 experimentation can be used for healing and enhancing performance, including expanding your physical, cognitive, creative, emotional and spiritual capacities.

Workshops & Training in n=1 methods

I offer a 2-hour workshop and a 2-day training on personalized (n=1) experimentation methods for healing.

Workshops and training are customized for each audience:

  • Health practitioners who want to use n=1 methods in their practice;
  • Individuals with complex chronic health conditions who want to use n=1 methods for healing;
  • Individuals who want to use n=1 methods for ‘optimization’ (i.e. to achieve peak performance and peak experience); and
  • Organizations interested in improving the health and productivity of their workforce.

Why n=1?

Standardized approaches to complex health challenges can have limited effectiveness, as we each have unique histories, genetic profiles, environments, and patterns of responding.

Through n=1 methods and healing protocols that blend new science with ancient human practices, many people are experiencing significant healing, including reversal of symptoms and conditions that were previously thought to be irreparable. Beyond healing, others are expanding the frontiers of health into peak performance and peak experience to discover what true wellness means.

Biohack U

I’m so keen on this topic have an entire website devoted to n=1 experimentation. With its very own blog.

Other Services

I also offer:

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