Collective Impact Packages

Collective Impact

Learn more about Collective Impact here.

I offer support to organizations and communities that want to use a Collective Impact approach to system change.

Collective Impact Start-up Package

This package enables any group of 15-150 people to learn about Collective Impact and take the first steps as a group.

It includes:

  1. One or more phone or skype consultations to discuss community aspirations;
  2. A day-long workshop for 15-150 people including a (fun!) grounding in Collective Impact theory and practice, partnership-building, and completion of a substantial amount of the early work of Collective Impact around developing a common agenda and a theory of change.
  3. Follow-up consultation about next steps.

Embedding Collective Impact Package

This package is customized to meet the needs of each customer.

  • Creating a Backbone Structure;
  • Developing a Shared Measurement System;
  • ‘Stress testing’ the Common Agenda in community;
  • Linking Mutually Reinforcing Activities to the theory of change;
  • Aligning resources (financial, social, intellectual, capital) for system change;
  • Developing evidence-based strategies;
  • Creating Continuous Communication systems;
  • Developing meaningful cross-sectoral and cross-cultural partnerships;
  • Decolonizing Collective Impact;
  • Design thinking and prototyping; and
  • Evaluation and measurement.


I offer two prepared keynote speeches as well as custom speaking services:

  1. Collective Impact and New Science; and
  2. Decolonization for Settlers: “Decolonization & worldview: the way through”.

Other Services

I also offer:

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