How to create a ‘n=1 experiment run sheet’

Creating a run sheet for the Autoimmune Healing Intensive is optional.

You can create one in addition to another contribution or you can just do a run sheet. It’s up to you.

If you do decide to contribute one, keep in mind that the run sheet templates include a generous ‘ad’ section for you, as the the contributor.


Here’s a completed template:

Terry Wahls Run-sheet Final

The Template

The template is 2 pages long.

After you have popped the required information in it will probably take a little tinkering to get it looking spiffy.

Create each page separately and send them both to Petra by email by December 7th. She will save both pages together as a pdf and send that document back to you.

You can download the templates for the run sheets here:

Keep it Low (or no) Risk

Experiment run sheets are appropriate for low or no risk strategies such as the nutritional and lifestyle elements of the Autoimmune Protocol. Things like:

  • Increasing nutrient density (increasing vegetable intake, adding organ meats, adding bone broth, etc).
  • Removing anti-nutrient or inflammatory foods or foods that may be allergens for some people, especially on a short-term or ‘challenge’ basis.
  • Strategies designed to improve sleep.
  • Strategies design to manage stress.
  • Appropriate, gentle exercise.
  • Increasing social connectedness.
  • Connecting with nature.
  • Changing habits, behaviours and mindset (practicing gratitude, paying attention to self-talk, etc.)

Any strategies that many contain risk for some people with autoimmune disease (like supplements or fasting), or that have unknown risks are not appropriate for the Autoimmune Healing Intensive or for n=1 experiment run sheets.

More Information

An ‘n=1 experiment run sheet’ ties in with the Biohack U Autoimmune Healing Self-experimentation program, which will be the base program for the Autoimmune Healing Intensive in January 2018.

Basically it provides the information that a person would need to run an experiment.

If you have questions contact Petra directly.

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